Behind The Agony

from Charles Adrian as Ms Samantha Mann

The last time Ms Samantha Mann graced the Buxton Fringe, not only was this very modern spinster librarian accorded the dubious honour of closing Underground Venue's erstwhile Barrel Room ("Après moi, le redevelopment", as she puts it), she also added a 'Best Individual Performer (Comedy)' to her shelf of awards.

Returning this summer with a comprehensive behind-the-scenes look at life as an online Agony Aunt (17,000 views and counting on her YouTube advice channel), Ms Samantha Mann will reflect, among other things, on the rôle the Buxton Fringe Festival itself has played in the development of her career.

Expect tips, reminiscences and a live consultation using Ms Samantha Mann's signature 'green card' technique.

"Outstanding... incredibly clever... A class act."Buxton Fringe Review

Sat 7th July, 2.30pm

Mon 9th July, 8.30pm

Wed 18th July, 5.45pm

Thu 19th July, 8.30pm

Run time: 60 minutes