A Beginner's Guide To Populism

from NoLogoProductions

Getting power is easy. Find out what the public care about and make their cause your own…

The residents of Little Middleton are up in arms about plans to create Middleton Garden City. They don’t want to be a tiny part of something big, they want to be a big part of something tiny, and they’ve launched the Save Little Middleton campaign to preserve their historic community. 

Leading the campaign is Antonia Morgan, an odd choice, given her support for the proposals when she was on Middleton County Council, but this is modern politics - the old rules don't apply, all you need are the weapons of fear and panic. 

A dark comedy about the dangers of populism from the company behind sell-out Fringe hit After We Danced.

Find out more about the company and the campaign to save Little Middleton on the NoLogoProductions website  or watch the show promo on YouTube.

"Skewers everything that is troubling about politics today in a show as fresh as the day’s news" ****LondonTheatre1.com
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Tue 10th July, 9.45pm

Wed 11th July, 9pm

Wed 18th July, 9pm

Fri 20th July, 9pm

Run time: 55 minutes