Nathan Cassidy: If I Caused The Financial Crash Of 2008

from The Rat Pack Productions / Nathan Cassidy

Award-winning comedian and ex-banker Nathan Cassidy exposes the secrets behind the 2008 financial crisis. It was all down to him. If he did it.  Best Show Nominee Buxton Fringe 2014-2017.

"Having seen Bill Hicks I can honestly say that he is as good as him"Buxton Fringe Review 2017

He’ll bring to you stories of criminal negligence, systematic bullying, sleeping and regular sexual intercourse happening in the offices of one of this country’s biggest banks.  We literally sleep-walked into a disaster, a disaster that we are all still paying for and a disaster that he caused.  But that’s only… if he did it.

"Such a safe pair of hands... here he ambitiously suggests he might have been responsible for the 2008 financial crash - using the same 'what if' logic that underpinned OJ Simpson's If I Did It book. There's a smart mischief to the material, while his piercingly sarcastic jibes at better-paid entertainers have a touch of the Stewart Lee to them"Chortle Oct 2017
"Stormingly good. Intelligent, funny, bang on point. I could have listened to much, much more."Kate Copstick 2018
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Fri 20th July, 7pm

Sat 21st July, 4pm

Run time: 55 minutes