Little Meerkat's Big Panic

from Collar & Cuffs Co

It’s a big day in the Kalahari desert: it’s Little Meerkat’s first day on Lookout Duty. However, once she climbs the Lookout Tree she finds it all a bit overwhelming and falls asleep. When she wakes, all her meerkat friends and family are gone and a great big panic begins! 

With help from a Kind Elephant and a Wise Monkey can she learn to feel calmer and find those missing meerkats?  

This little tale helps everyone to see, hear, smell, taste and feel what's going on in their brains and bodies when emotions become overwhelming. Relaxed performance, key word signed, and fully inclusive for babies, toddlers, and children/young people with complex needs. 

Sat 7th July, 11am

Sun 8th July, 11am

Run time: 50 minutes