Mandy Tootill: Twin Peaks

from Mandy Tootill

Twin Peaks is an uplifting story about an idiots journey through breast cancer and how the idiot copes when faced with her own mortality. From sexual encounters wearing Marigolds to a mannequins head called Celine, Mandy shares with us her inappropriate behaviour in an honest and hilarious account. Cancer is serious, people are frightened of the very word itself but by using humour, Mandy breaks down barriers, raises awareness and makes people laugh with her own quirky style .

"Buckle up for a journey through twin peaks- a rollercoaster of a show that is emotional, educational, entertaining and totally unmissable! Take tissues, wear Tena, prepare to laugh at the taboo but don't miss this amazing show" Audience Member
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Thu 5th July, 10pm

Sun 8th July, 10pm

Run time: 50 minutes