from Shadow Syndicate

The 2017 double Buxton Fringe Award-winning Youth Theatre Company return for the tenth consecutive time to present a highly-charged political play for an increasingly polarised society. The government's 'Prevent' policy is placed firmly under the microscope in the environment of a school from the moment Miss Tomlinson reports Jamal to the Police.

Set in a classroom, the students have been left alone resulting in a space that becomes a melting pot for explosive opinions and actions, in a play that is both visceral and pertinent to our times. The police just took Jamal away.  Because Miss Tomlinson called them.  Because she had to.  Because of Prevent.  But now Miss Tomlinson and the police are gone, and all that’s left is a shell-shocked class. Who knew Jamal?  What did he do?  And what is going to happen next?  Suspicious of one another, the characters expose our own prejudices in a play about fear, friendship and the creeping polarisation of our society.  

Within the class, coming to terms with what’s happened, surprise turns to suspicion, suspicion turns to fear, fear turns to accusation, and accusation turns to violence. We witness the growing stresses within this pressure cooker environment as friend turns against friend and bigotry and hatred raise their ugly heads.  Running in real time, Shadow Syndicate build tension and illustrate with chilling realism the representation of both mental and physical abuse which quickly spirals out of control.  Is there a way back?  Have things changed irrevocably? 

In an era of Brexit, nationalism and fueled by a sense xenophobia, Anders Lustgarten's play becomes more relevant with every day and Shadow Syndicate's energetic, detailed and vivid treatment of this exciting text will leave audiences questioning just how the next generation will deal such contentious issues.   

Challenging, uncomfortable and highly pertinent to our modern and future society, double award winners Shadow Syndicate present a memorable performance that will leave audiences breathless. 

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Sat 14th July, 7.45pm

Sun 15th July, 8.45pm

Wed 18th July, 7.45pm

Run time: 50 minutes