from Leaning House

In January 2014 Greg was put into an induced coma. Locked deep inside his brain, he's trying to get home in his new version of reality. These are his dreams: surprising twists, kidnappings, train times from Waterloo, recording sessions, a robot nativity play, and making friends with Roger Moore. Based on the beautiful, perplexing real-life story of Greg Felton - musician, video maker, blogger, and one-time coma patient. A surreal, uplifting play about survival and the need to catch a train home.


Presented by Leaning House whose sold out show, Mercutio and Tybalt, had audiences gripped:


"High-energy, smart theatre that engages from the get go and never relinquishes their grip over the audience"Audience reaction
"It's as if the playwright had somehow managed to catch Tom Stoppard while sleeping and reached in to the darker side of his imagination to scoop some of it out for herself."Henley Standard review

Thu 5th July, 2.30pm

Sun 8th July, 1pm

Mon 9th July, 2.30pm

Run time: 55 minutes