Gerard Harris: Attention Seeker

from That's Enough Drama / Gerard Harris

The shy, anxious jokewriter for a top British comedian accidentally crashes into the standup spotlight and, armed with paralysing fear, blind panic and jokes the comedian didn’t buy, sets out to prove just who’s really the funny one. The rest, as they say, is history... Except history is normally written by the winners.

An award-winning Off-Broadway and global Fringe hit from the mildly acclaimed British-Canadian stand-up & storyteller, it’s also a true story that dares confront those age-old conflicts of Nature vs Nurture, Heart vs Mind, Comedian vs Comedian and Chocolate vs Poo.

"Incredibly smart, funny" ★★★★★ Edmonton Journal, Canada
“Hilarious”Dominion Post, New Zealand
“A masterful storyteller… passed in a moment”Stage Whispers, Australia
"The man lays himself bare in his stories. His catharsis becomes your own"Peter Aguero, The Moth, New York
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Sun 15th July, 10pm

Sat 21st July, 7pm

Run time: 60 minutes